British Museum Case study

Laurinlab Case Study II

miércoles, 06 de junio de 2018

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The British Museum ft. Laurinlab

Laurinlab worked together with the British Museum to improve the experience of the museum´s visitors using audio guides, as well as measuring the footfall impact that had for the first time the inclusion of such technology in one of their momentary exhibitions.

During this project, we were absorbed in the Museum during one and a half month working hand in hand with the Museum´s experience design department in order to test all the new established changes.

The exhibition "Virtual pilgrimage reimagining India's Great Shrine of Amaravati" marked the milestone for the first time to incorporate a technological exhibition in the Museum. Visitors were able to use their smartphones to interact with the pilgrims of the ancient temple in India, to learn more about their culture. We participated in the evaluation of the exhibition together with the Museum´s team, analyzing the users´ behavior inside the exhibition room as well as their opinion by means of interviews at the end of their visit.

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